Fil:Morning Star.gif
Spell Class: Instant Attack Spells (Physical Damage)
Spell Words: exori
Exp Level: 35+
Premium: yes
Used by: Knights
(requires 115 mana)
Spell cost: 2500 gp.
Buy spell from: Ankrahmun, Razan (Darashia), Puffels (Edron), Liberty Bay, Uso (Port Hope), Svargrond
Effect: Fil:Physical Damage Icon.gif Attacks all players and/or creatures standing on any of the eight squares surrounding the Knight who casts it. And also under the casting player.
Notes: A powerful and commonly used spell for Knights. The type of damage a knight is dealing when casting this spell depends on the weapon he is carrying. If you use an enchanted weapon and cast this, it will lose charges as well.
The minimum damage is half of the maximum damage. Exact damage formula is not yet known but at skill level 100 and with a 50 attack weapon, this spell causes between 120-240 damage approximately. If you use an Ice Rapier, it will break.

Spellbook.gif Spells in Tibia

Attack Healing Summon
Berserk Death Strike Antidote Summon Creature
Divine Caldera Divine Missile Divine Healing Undead Legion  
Energy Beam Energy Strike Heal Friend
Energy Wave Eternal Winter Intense Healing
Ethereal Spear Fierce Berserk Light Healing
Fire Wave Flame Strike Mass Healing
Great Energy Beam Groundshaker Ultimate Healing
Hell's Core Ice Strike Wound Cleansing
Ice Wave Rage of the Skies
Terra Strike Terra Wave
Whirlwind Throw Wrath of Nature
Support Supply
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Great Light Haste Conjure Poisoned Arrow Conjure Power Bolt
Invisible Levitate Conjure Sniper Arrow Enchant Spear
Light Magic Rope Enchant Staff Food
Magic Shield Strong Haste
Ultimate Light Wild Growth

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