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Golden Boots

Due to the few types of boots out there and the rarity of creatures dropping them they can be very expensive. Leather Boots can be found in great abundance, but anything (including Crocodile Boots) except sandals will cost a lot more. I.e. when the Tiquanda update came around in 2005 crocodile boots were priced at around 15k - and nowadays are sold for around 1k.

The strongest boots are the Golden Boots, but most people use Boots of Haste (BoH). A favorite method amongst high level knights is to carry Steel Boots around with them to slip on instead of Boots of Haste when they fight fierce monsters. Also, nowadays Soft Boots is also carried around as a good item for mana and health regeneration, mostly used by high levels.

In Rookgaard, only Leather Boots and Sandals can be found.

Boots Redigera

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Model Ship
Items in Tibia

Body Equipment
Golden Helmet
Golden Armor
Armors Shields
Blessed Shield
Golden Legs
Legs Spellbooks
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries
Golden Boots
Solar Axe
Axe Weapons Distance Weapons
Royal Crossbow
Dark Trinity Mace
Club Weapons Sword Weapons
Magic Longsword
Wand of Voodoo
Wands Rods
Underworld Rod
Infernal Bolt
Ammunition Old Wands

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Tools and other Equipment
Amulet of Loss
Amulets and Necklaces Rings
Death Ring
Golden Key
Keys Light Sources
Skull Candle
Obsidian Knife
Household Items

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Books Containers
Backpack of Holding
Bat Decoration
Decorations Documents and Papers

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Panda Teddy
Dolls and Bears Furniture
Red Cushioned Chair
Rolling Pin
Kitchen Tools Musical Instruments
Demon Trophy
Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink

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Creature Products Food
Dragon Ham
Ultimate Health Potion
Liquids Plants and Herbs
Other Items
Ferumbras&#039; Hat
Clothing Accessories Enchanted Items
Enchanted Chicken Wing
Game Tokens Magical Items
Demonic Essence
Huge Chunk of Crude Iron
Metals Party Items
Party Hat
Burning Heart
Quest Items Rubbish
Broken Flask
Ultimate Healing Rune
Runes Valuables
Holy Scarab

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