USA Calmera
Type: Non-PvP
Igång sedan: April 17, 2003
Location: USA
Server Sparning: 12:00 CET

Rankade spelare i skills area:
LevelMagi LevelFistKlubbaSvärdYxaDistansSköldFiske

Lifta med alla Spelvärldar.

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  • Ordet Calmera från Engelskans: "Calm"(lugn).

Calmeran Demon Quest.

  • Second Orshabaal on Tibia, was the one on Calmera. It wasn't killed. Another five died, three of them were blocked by Leferty, who was the lowest level (115) that blocked Orshabaal for several months. On January 13, 2008 Orshabaal dropped Orshabaal's Brain, on June 6, 2008 Calmera was lucky enough to get a Thunder Hammer.
  • One of first Tibian Morgaroth's appeared on Calmera. There have been three Morgaroth raids on Calmera in total, and three attempts on it with Leferty blocking, he was never killed.
  • Ferumbras was at his Calmeran citadel twice. As there was no team to challenge him, he killed no one, and no one killed him.
  • Ghazbaran visited Calmera three times. First time, since it was an early hour, there was no attempt to kill him. Scyshock decided to leave a sign from Ghazbaran appearance, he died at level 134. At the second Ghazbaran appearance, with a decent team as they though, Striker Hero died at level 198. Ghazbaran number three spawned while Calmerans were getting mass kicked (around 10 mass kicks while Ghazbaran was in the Hrodmir mines). There was a team doing suicide run down there though - Princes Gala [195] and Fandr [209] died, team failed. A fourth time, was announced Ghazbaran's raid, most Calmerians top players was there and searched all realm but no Ghazbaran was found.

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