USA Chimera
Type: PvP
Igång sedan: March 30, 2004
Location: USA
Server Sparning: 12:00 CET

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Lifta med alla Spelvärldar.

Basic InformationRedigera

  • There are currently 30 players over level 200. The highest of them all is Jaquera with level 251. He is also the highest level Knight.
  • Many wars have ravaged the lands of Chimera, several significant power changes have been in effect. Home to some local legends like Draxido, and Sinadra, whose unbeatable tactics and PvP skills completely demolished any who opposed them at the time.
  • Home to Lamb of Satan, a guild that re-shaped Chimera after it dominated Tibia's strongest guild at the time (Absolut) in a war. This was seen as a great achievement due to the fact that it was mostly composed of level 45-55 characters.


  • Players from different countries, most of them from Brazil, Mexico, Poland and Sweden.
  • Variety of items
  • It is not very hard to start out here as a new world
  • Excellent community


  • The Pits of Inferno Quest was successfully completed more than 8 times on the world. First team was led by Pigs and the second by the old guild Absolut.


  • Was the second world to see Morgaroth, but he left alive both times.
  • Has seen Ferumbras twice but no team was able to even try to defeat him due to wars.


Rare ItemsRedigera

Recent WarsRedigera

  • War of Pigs versus Absolut resulted in a peaceful declaration April 4th, 2008. War was declared by Bleike on June 22, 2007. The final frag count stood at Absolut 127 x 133 Pigs. The frag thread created by Slayer Angel can be found 1944650.
  • War of Cuida versus Blackthorn Army resulted in a payment from Cuida on May 23, 2008. War was declared by Blackthorn Army after the death of Kamilss on the April 29, 2008. The final frag count was Blackthorn Army 25 x 22 Cuida. The frag thread created by Dark Jupz can be found 2102374
  • After the war of Lamb of Satan vs. Lanniks, a new war reached the lands of Chimera. Lamb of Satan versus Blackthorn Army. The trouble started when all the members of the guild Lanniks joined Blackthorn Army, then the leader of Blackthorn Army declared the war over. Lamb of Satan didn't agree with this decision, then they ask for a payment to all Lanniks and they refuse. After some days, Lamb of Satan declare war on Blackthorn Army. This time they accept.
  • A few days later Blackthorn Army decide to start killing the guild Pigs. After the death of few Pigs, Makiavelus the leader of Pigs declared war on Blackthorn Army. Then a new alliance was born, Pigs + Lamb of Satan + Unforgotten. Unforgotten was a guild that merged with Pigs. Blackthorn Army then changed its name to Abs and excludes more than half its members merging with guild Resistence that joins Abs in the war.

(More Information will come when the war has ended)

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