Life Fluid
Light Healing
Spell Class: Instant Healing Spells
Spell Words: exura
Exp Level: 9+
Premium: no
Used by: Paladins, Druids, Sorcerers and Knights
(requires 20 mana)
Spell cost: 170 gp.
Buy spell from: Ab'Dendriel Druids, Paladins: Maealil

Ankrahmun Knights Ormuhn, Sorcerers Tothdral, Druids Rahkem , Paladins Dario
Carlin: Knights Trisha Sorcerers Lea, Paladins Legola, Druids Padreia
Darashia: Knights and Paladins Razan, mages Shalmar
Kazordoon: Knights Duria, Sorcerers Etzel
Liberty Bay: Knights Tristan, Druids Charlotta, Paladins Isolde, Sorcerers Malunga
Port Hope: Knights Uso, Druids Ustan, Sorcerers Myra, Paladins Helor
Thais: Knights Gregor, Paladins Elane, Druids Marvik, Sorcerers Muriel

Venore: Knights and Paladins Asrak, Sorcerers Chatterbone, Druids Smiley
Effect: Heals a small amount of HP, can also cure paralysis.
Notes: The weakest healing spell, and also the only healing spell for knights for many years until Wound Cleansing was introduced in late 2007. The number of hp it can heal depends upon your level and magic level (and is around 1/10th of your UH power). It is useful if you are trying to raise your Magic level or to get rid of Paralysis.

Spellbook Spells in Tibia

Attack Healing Summon
Berserk Death Strike Antidote Summon Creature
Divine Caldera Divine Missile Divine Healing Undead Legion  
Energy Beam Energy Strike Heal Friend
Energy Wave Eternal Winter Intense Healing
Ethereal Spear Fierce Berserk Light Healing
Fire Wave Flame Strike Mass Healing
Great Energy Beam Groundshaker Ultimate Healing
Hell's Core Ice Strike Wound Cleansing
Ice Wave Rage of the Skies
Terra Strike Terra Wave
Whirlwind Throw Wrath of Nature
Support Supply
Cancel Invisibility Challenge Conjure Arrow Conjure Bolt
Creature Illusion Find Person Conjure Explosive Arrow Conjure Piercing Bolt
Great Light Haste Conjure Poisoned Arrow Conjure Power Bolt
Invisible Levitate Conjure Sniper Arrow Enchant Spear
Light Magic Rope Enchant Staff Food
Magic Shield Strong Haste
Ultimate Light Wild Growth

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