Germany.gif Lunara
Type: PvP
Igång sedan: December 10, 2002
Location: Germany
Server Sparning: 9:00 CET

Rankade spelare i skills area:
LevelMagi LevelFistKlubbaSvärdYxaDistansSköldFiske

Lifta med alla Spelvärldar.
  • Lunara was born in December 2002 as the 7th tibia server and the 5th located at Germany.
  • The name Lunara's related to "Luna", a latin word that means "Moon".
  • Lunara was ruled since it's creation by the guild Liches of Archinare, which was started by members of the Demonic Brotherhood on Nova. However in 2007 they lost the war against the guild Reverto Vox, which has now split into many guilds.
  • Tylin was the first Lunarian character to reach level 100 and Vajuka was the first to reach level 200.
  • A very large war containing many guilds (Liches of Archinare, Liches of Archinare Academy, Reverto Vox, Army of Vox, Reverto Vox Alliance, Rexel, Core, White Archangels, Monarch, Anomaly, Shaolin, and Muse[disbanded early on]), has just finished with Reverto Vox coming out victorious. Leader of LoA, Rahamu paid for his members freedom by rooking himself.
  • There's another war. Alliance Reparo Vox and Last Known Survivors against Adamantine. RV/LKS won the war and Adamantine disbanded. Old members of Adamantine formed a new guild named Vendettas Eclipse and now started a new war against RV/LKS.
  • Reparo Vox lost the war against Vendettas eclipse and RV disbanded. Most of the RV's paid out but some of them are still fighting under a new guildname.
  • Lunara contains rares such as the Yellow Rose, Demon Legs, Horned Helmet, Blue Tome, Grey Tome, Amazon Shield's and more...

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  • The who's online statistics for Lunara can be found here.
  • The Highscores page can be found here
  • The Guilds page can be found here
  • Lunara has its own wiki, which can be viewed Lunara here.
  • Lunara has its own statistics site which provides information about players and guilds on Lunara.

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