Namn Level Rustning Magi nivå Vikt Hittas från
Spellbook Spellbook 0 14 magi nivå +0 58.00 Beholder, Dwarf Geomancer, Elder Beholder, Lich, Braindeath
Spellbook of Dark Mysteries Spellbook of Dark Mysteries 80 16 magi nivå +3 28.50 None.
Spellbook of Enlightenment Spellbook of Enlightenment 30 18 magi nivå +1 45.00 Frost Dragon Hatchling.
Spellbook of Lost Souls Spellbook of Lost Souls 60 20 magi nivå +2 46.50 Lost Soul, Diblis The Fair
Spellbook of Mind Control Spellbook of Mind Control 50 16 magi nivå +2 45.00 Yaga the Crone
Spellbook of Warding Spellbook of Warding 40 22 magi nivå +1 45.00 None.
Spellscroll of Prophecies Spellscroll of Prophecies 70 12 magi nivå +3 28.50 Gravelord Oshuran

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