USA Menera
Type: Non-PvP
Igång sedan: July 13, 2006
Location: USA
Server Sparning: 11:00 CET

Rankade spelare i skills area:
LevelMagi LevelFistKlubbaSvärdYxaDistansSköldFiske

Lifta med alla Spelvärldar.

About MeneraRedigera

  • First POI completed on August 28, 2007 and 9 people finished the quest.
  • Orshabaal spawned twice, but was only killed once, on February 24 of 2008, but sadly, the loot was stolen and it stays unknown.
  • Ferumbras spawned 5 times, but has only been killed once, on April 21, in 2008. He also spawned the day before.
  • Morgaroth appeared twice, none of them was defeated, one team went to Morgaroths spawn, but he was gone when they got there.
  • Ghazbaran spawned once, he wasn't fought.
  • First team to complete Annihilator was: Hillzen, Furious Cod, Huntary and Krec.
  • The first player to get level 200 was Hillzen.
  • The top player in Menera at the moment, is Hoyts.


  • You can sell items for a good price.
  • Menera is one of the few servers with a stable economy.


  • A lot of botters and spammers.
  • Not a great community.
  • Lots of flamers.
  • Not a good place to start playing.


External LinksRedigera

  • The who's online statistics for Menera can be found here.
  • The Highscores page can be found here
  • The Guilds page can be found here
  • The Price List can be found here
  • The History of Menera can be found here

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