USA Pacera
Type: Non-PvP
Igång sedan: March 30, 2004
Location: USA
Server Sparning: 12:00 CET

Rankade spelare i skills area:
LevelMagi LevelFistKlubbaSvärdYxaDistansSköldFiske

Lifta med alla Spelvärldar.
  • Pacera has a unique site made exclusively by, and for the Pacera community! The page can be found here and is called Pacera Today.
  • Pacera is the first world ever to experience a demon raid led by Orshabaal.
  • The name "Pacera" derives from the Latin word pax/pacis ('peace').
  • Item prices drop at a steady rate.
  • The home world of Erig.
  • Knight Sunblade plays Pacera and has the highest axe fighting skill in Tibia.

Points of Interest
First server to have seen Orshabaal and one of the few servers to have seen him more than once.
One of the few servers to see Morgaroth which visited Pacera 3 times, but sadly was never defeated.
Ferumbras appeared once, but the team couldn't kill it.
Ghazbaran appeared twice but too few people were online so nobody tried to kill him.

Advantages of Playing Here Non-Pvp so you cannot be killed directly by other players.
One of the most rapidly decreasing pricing system on Tibia.
There is a lot of competition in the Quest Services.

Disadvantages of Playing Here Many drama in the forums.
Many scamming/thieving because of the non-pvp.
Highly probability of finding botters and cheaters in general.

Rare items in Pacera Redigera

Killed BossesRedigera

Never killed Redigera

External linksRedigera

  • The previously noted Pacera's website can be found here. (this site is an extention of TibiaCity and is a supported fansite)
  • The Who's online page can be found here
  • The Highscores page can be found here
  • The Guilds page can be found here

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